To pack and go is not about abandoning your comfort zone, but realizing it extends much further than you ever imagined.

There are travels that fit within four margins of a piece of paper. Then there are journeys that surpass
the power of words. Journeys that take you well beyond the map and, riding on all our five senses, take
us well above reality as we kno(e)w it

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The most classic of all road trips
Welcome to Main Street of America. A wide cut across America’s past and present, from Chicago till Los Angeles, crossing 4.000km, 3 time zones and 8 US States.

Italy – Amalfi Coast in a Vespa

Summer as it should be lived
What if this summer you go back in time to those cheerful and worry-free days of your youth? Indulge in a summer lived to the fullest, as only the Italian dolce vita knows how? You, the sun and a Vespa in its natural habitat. Or simply the summer as it should be lived, at least once in a lifetime.


Reality traveling halted in time
From the majestic and behemian Havana, to the diverse and cultural Santiago, crossing the mighty Sierra Maestra. The genuine Cuba that fuels history and our collective imagination, though enigmatically overlooked by 99% of the tourists visiting it.