Outlines is not just a travel agency. It’s a very personal take on each of the realities we invite you to make your own. It’s a door to a new world we welcome you to explore.

So, dare to enter our world, the Outlines World. A world made of unusual destinations and unusual ways of exploring them. Of incredible experiences you won’t just witness, but live first hand. Of people and places you won’t just pass by, but lose inside of each and every one. Inevitably, always leaving a little bit of you behind. Inevitably, making them your own.

The size and diversity of our planet are a bottomless source for new and unique experiences, thus a constant challenge to our imagination.
We are fascinated with maps, but driven by the obsession to discover what’s beyond them.
Our travel leaders are experts in expanding comfort zones.
We promote tourism of low ecological footprint, supported in and supportive of the local communities.
We walk our talk. We don't just tell to go places just because we know our way around. We tell you because we fell in love with it and believe you will too.
In our programs you're not just a witness or an observer, first and foremost you're an active participant. You're in it!
We always travel in micro groups.
We don't waste the word adventure in vain!

experts in expanding comfort zones