We are fascinated with maps, but driven by the obsession to discovering what’s beyond them.


the secret Asia kept to itself

Imagine a land of pristine teak rainforests still dominated by indigenous tribes emulating the life, habits and traditions of their ancestors. A land where fisherman row their boats with gentle feet moves in a constant defy of gravity, women of shinny long necks gracefully plow the fields, monkeys walk us up millenary temples and the trains dance their way through mountain tracks.

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Road Trip Croatia

a sea of a thousand coasts

There’s a coast in Europe that reinvents the relationship between the land and the sea. A coast where the eternal clash between these two elements is settled by an almost perfect symbiosis, in which one fades in the other in a myriad of islands, peninsulas and crisscrossed lines. Where each keeps to itself the best view over the other and, at every sunset, a piano is played at the sound of their warm embrace.

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Cuba from Havana to Santiago

reality traveling halted in time

The Cuba of the majestic and bohemian Havana, the diverse and cultural Santiago, the unparalleled beauty of Trinidad and the rural Viñales. But also the Cuba of the revolutionary spirit of Santa Clara, the mythical Sierra Maestra and virgin beaches still unaware that there is a world beyond the island.

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where the Americas meet

The heart of the Mayan world, centre of old colonial emperies and Che (then still only Dr. Ernesto) Guevara’s ideological cradle during the first years of the Cold War. Or simply one of the few places in the world where the hour still uses each and every of its 60 seconds, where your body reunites itself with the biological clock you did not know even to be equipped with and a hammock is the perfect lullaby into the dreams of a lost paradise!

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the continuous provocation of the five senses

Par excellence, the country of all contrasts: the apparent chaos of its streets and markets and the peacefulness of the temples and palaces; the frenetic daily life only interrupted by the serene contemplation of the sunset. There’s arguably no other country that defies the art of looking beyond first impressions.

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Italy – Amalfi Coast in a Vespa

summer as it should be lived

What if this summer you go back in time to those cheerful and worry-free days of your youth? What if you indulge yourself in a summer lived to the fullest, as only the Italian dolce vita knows how? You, the sun and a Vespa in its natural habitat. Or simply the summer as it should be lived, at least once in a lifetime.

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Road Trip Mongolia

an era we thought had ceased to exist

A road trip across the Gobi desert and its magnificent sand dunes, the steppes of Central Asia that redefine your concept of infinite and the shores of mighty lakes that extend well beyond our eyes can reach. But above all an adventure into a lifestyle we thought could only exist in a time which not ours, having an eagle as a room-mate and the horses and camels as means of transport.

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Road Trip Morocco – High Atlas and the Sahara

faraway… so close

A land where nature and life seem to hide just to surprise you in unexpected explosions… in the most unexpected places. The genuine Morocco we challenge you to explore in a road trip through the heart of the Berber world, across trails and mountains leading to the majestic Sahara. The mysticism of its people’s lifestyle and centenary traditions that inspire travellers since immemorial times.

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the best kept secret of the Americas

Tropical forests, volcanoes that fire water, a diverse and colorful fauna, endless miles of virgin coastline, authentic seas of fresh water and cities that combine their colonial charm with the authenticity that very few places in the world brought to the 21st century. This is Nicaragua, the best-kept secret in all the Americas.

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Road Trip Route 66

the most classic of all road trips

Welcome to Main Street of America. A wide cut across America’s past and present, from Chicago till Los Angeles, crossing 4.000km, 3 time zones and 8 US States. A route that seems to have a single direction, from the cold and conservative Midwest to the sunny and liberal California, inevitably Route 66’s magnetizing pole.

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Vietnam & Laos

southeast Asia’s truest colours

Frenetic metropolis, coffee shops that travel in the back of their owners, cities visited by Europeans for over 5 centuries, places where time still uses each and every of its seconds and nature remains intact and as green as the green colour can be. Two countries that share an uneasy history, but live today at its very own pace and displaying distinctly unique cultures and traditions.

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when you thought Europe could no longer surprise you

Far out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean lays an enchanted world of nine small islands, the Azores. A world of volcanoes that emerged and tamed the mighty ocean, with a luxuriant and still pristine nature, where life goes by at a different, slower pace and strangers are warmly welcomed with a genuine pleasure.

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