Cuba from Havana to Santiago

reality traveling halted in time

The question is not “why Cuba?” but “Why THIS Cuba?”

The Cuba of the majestic and bohemian Havana, the diverse and cultural Santiago, the unparalleled beauty of Trinidad and the rural Viñales. But also the Cuba of the revolutionary spirit of Santa Clara, the mythical Sierra Maestra and virgin beaches still unaware that there is a world beyond the island.

Because this is Cuba that makes it a unique society, a slice of the history of the 20th Century enduring throughout the 21st. In essence, the genuine Cuba that fuels history and our collective imagination, though enigmatically overlooked by 99% of the tourists visiting it.

And as one can only experience something that still exists, the time is now! Before our days find and normalise this parallel reality that has withstood the test of time.

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distance. 2500km    

type. Culture / History / Nature    

difficulty. easy    

visa. acquired through Outlines

starting point

Habana or Santiago (please check edition)


15 days/14 nights


€ 1.547

the real Cuba: so much life beyond the paradise


  • La Habana - the remarkable Cuban capital, where the history of the island still goes hand in hand with pre-revolutionary bohemia;

  • The natural splendour of the Viñales Valley (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Cuba’s genuine rural life, with its traditional fincas and the unveiling of the secret behind the purest of the Puros;

  • All the charm of Trinidad (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) with its genuine colonial lines and privileged location;

  • The exuberant and haughty Sierra Maestra and its indomitable soul, base of the Cuban revolution and apparently still as impenetrable today as ever before;

  • Climbing up to the Comandancia de La Plata, the rebel camp established by Fidel Castro in the heart of Sierra Maestra, command base of his troops during La Revolución;

  • The charisma of Santiago de Cuba, second largest city on the island and its cultural cradle, full of contrasts and diversity to which no one can remain indifferent;

  • Santa Clara, The city of the Cuban Revolution, umbilically connected with Che Guevara, with its numerous museums and monuments, including the mausoleum of this icon of 20th century history;

  • The paradises of white sand and crystal clear water still unaware of the concept of tourism;

  • Direct contact with ordinary Cuban families, experiencing first hand the day-to-day life of a society built on foundations utterly opposed to the western ones, sharing the memories of those who lived through the revolution times.


Casas Privadas (homestays)

number of participants

4 to 8


local transports (Bus, train, private car)


  • transport from and to the airport

  • entrance fee and horse riding guided tour in the Natural Park of Viñales

  • typical meal in Vale del Silêncio;

  • entrance fee and guided tour in La Comandancia de La Plata

  • 1 night in a 3 star hotel, breakfast included

  • 14 nights in Casas Particulares, breakfast included

  • transportation between all destinations and activities included in the program;

  • outlines leader in charge of the organisation and escorting the group

  • welcome pack

  • travel insurance

Not included

  • other meals not mentioned in the program

  • other activities and places not mentioned in the program

  • taxes and personal expenses

  • flight to and from destination (about 800€)


  • meals with local families

  • visits to museums

  • salsa lessons

  • boat tours

  • fishing

  • water activities (snorkelling, diving, etc.)

  • walks and trekking

  • single supplement

Additional info

population. 11 million    

capital. Havana    

area. 110,860 km2    

language. Spanish    

hour. -5 GMT    

electricity. 110v    

currency. Convertible Cuban Peso CUC

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